Dinosaur T-Rex
Our main asset is Dinosaur T-Rex. We come to your birthday party, kindergarten, school, homes for the elderly, shopping centers, bars, shops in short, anywhere you want to capture the era in which they lived largest creatures on our planet.

What awaits you:
Dinosaur T -Rex that debt is 4m height at the withers amounts to 2m, 2.5m height of the head, in short, you will get some big dinosaur. At your request we add artificial fog and laser beams that will be happening even more dramatic.

All the details you can see even in the tab Gallery tab Dino.

Fun with balloons...
Want to surprise your kids with critters made from balloons. With us, this is also possible. Balloons can also be combined with a visit to a dinosaur, which will celebrate further enlivened ....

Rental dinosaur:


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